Member Services

WIEC has many programs to help make life better and easier for our members.

Internet Payments
Pay your WIEC bill online with a MasterCard, Visa or Discover Card

Energy Audits
Sign up for a professional energy audit done by Green Up Technologies, Colchester, IL to find where you can save money!

Budget Billing
Even out the highs and lows of your electric usage. The plan averages out your payments for the next 12 months, based on the previous 12 months usage. The 12th month will be the “catch-up” month with the amount due is the actual amount owed.

Auto Pay (Automatic Bill Pay)
Don’t lick a stamp or write a check any more! Our Auto Pay program is so easy and simple. It automatically pays your electric bill from your bank account or credit card on the due date. No more worried about forgetting or the mail delivery. Fill out the form, either utilizing your bank account or credit card, then mail it to our office. We will take care of the rest.

You will receive your bill just like before, except there will be a note on it saying “Do not pay-ACH Transfer”

Youth to Washington
A deserving son or daughter of a WIEC can win an all expense paid trip to Washington DC.

Area Lights
Members can either rent or purchase a security light for peace of mind.

Electric Water Heaters
If you are thinking about replacing your existing water heater, think electric. WIEC has several incentives that will make the decision easy!

Geothermal Heating & Cooling
Use the earth’s constant temperature to heat and cool your home efficiently and with WIEC’s great 7.5 ¢ rate, it’s the way to go.

ERC Loans
WIEC will help finance the purchase of a geothermal unit.

Vegetation Management
We know our members value their trees. Tree-trimming crews are very diligent in trimming only what is absolutely necessary to insure minimal power outages.