Considering solar installation?

Cooperative policy requires members to contact us for approval before installing a distributed generation system. We must ensure the interconnection and parallel operation is safe, reliable, and properly metered. We must also study the feasibility of the installation and, in some cases, apply system upgrades in accordance with our Interconnection and Parallel Operation of Distributed Generation Policy. The policy and associated documents are used by the co-op regardless of the size of the generation system being interconnected.

WIEC has a packet of information for our members to read and an application to sign.  Included in the packet are:

Attachment A – Application for Member-Owned Generation
Attachment B – Agreement for Interconnection & Parallel Operation of Distributed Generation (filled out by WIEC representative)
WIEC Policy 526. – Interconnection & Parallel Operation of Distributed Generation
WIEC Policy 527 –   Net Metering and Cooperative Credit for Excess Member Generated Electric Energy
Prairie Power, Inc. Policy 504 – Net Metering and Delivery of Excess Member/Consumer – Generated Electric Energy to Member Distribution Coops.

This above information is just a brief overview of the process.  For more detailed information, please call the WIEC office at 217-357-3125 and ask for Todd or Ryan.

However, before making the decision to purchase generation equipment, members should consider the economics of purchasing the equipment and determining whether generating electricity will lower their own monthly power costs.  Here’s a tool to help with that analysis –  Are you Considering Installing Generation Equipment Brochure.  

Our program is approved by our Board of Directors and is not mandated by the state and is subject to change. The rates associated with net metering will continually be modified to ensure that we are managing rate disparity among all rate classes.