Energy Savings

With energy prices in the news, we all start looking for ways to lower our total household energy bills. Saving money can be as simple as slightly changing our life style or making ourselves aware of the things we do, or don’t do, every day. Western Illinois Electrical Coop. would like to help our member’s control their energy use.

As a members of Touchstone Energy Coop., WIEC members are invited to visit the Touchstone Energy Webpage. This powerful website give members ideas to help save energy and money! By answering twelve easy questions, members can identify the best ways to manage their home energy consumption. You can even print out the recommendations that you can take to your local hardware store.

Members are asked to answer a series of questions about their home, such as its size, its location, kinds of insulation, age and usage of appliances in the home and many more specific questions. Be patient, it may take a while to answer all the questions asked, but by asking these questions, the energy saver can make more detailed and accurate calculations on just how much money can be saved. The results page offers customized recommendations ranked by time it will take to pay for them through lower costs.

Right now the website does not take into account the fact that WIEC members can have different rates of electricity depending on how many kilowatts used or type of electric heat, so the heating/cooling section may not be completely accurate, but the future versions may have that feature.