General Information


Please call WIEC for information on installing Renewable Energy Systems

Members will need to pick up a solar packet at WIEC

If you would like to install a wind or solar generation system on your property, our team will walk you through the process of connecting it to the WIEC Energy grid. We encourage our members to analyze the cost for return of the investment to install distributed generation equipment. Here is a tool to help with that analysis – Are you Considering Installing Generation Equipment Brochure.

Of special note, our Net Metering Program became fully subscribed on August 8, 2019. Any new wind or solar generation system installed on WIEC will now fall under either our Net Billing Program or our Qualifying Facility Program.

Please also note that members that install a renewable energy system must own the system themselves, Western Illinois Electrical Coop. bylaws do not allow for a Purchase Power Agreement (PPA).

For more information about our renewable energy programs, please call us at 800-576-3125. It is also important to note that the regulations regarding our renewable energy programs are regularly evaluated and may change from time to time as need.

Distributed Energy Policies:

  • Policy 526 Interconnection and Parallel Operation of Distributed Generation
  • Policy 527NM Net Metering and Cooperative Purchase of Excess Member Owned Generation Capacity
  • Policy 527QF Qualifying Facilities Interconnection of and Service under Public Utility Regulatory Policies Act (PURPA).
  • Policy 527NB Net Billing and Cooperative Purchase of Excess Member Owned Generation Capacity