Net Metering Program

At Western Illinois Electrical Coop., we are proud to offer our members a net metering program. Our net metering program is simple. For members participating in the program, each month, we measure how much energy their system sends us (puts back onto the grid) and how much energy we send to them. We then subtract those number and get a NET energy use for the month. We then bill for that net amount.

Like most utilities in Illinois, Western Illinois Electrical Coop. had a 5% cap (based on our previous year’s peak demand) for our net metering program. The cap was met in August of 2019, so our net metering program is now full.

Members interesting in putting in a renewable energy system can still do so through our Net Billing Program or our Qualifying Facilities program.

If you have any questions about renewable energy, net metering, or qualifying facilities, please contact us at 800-576-3125.


Policy 526 Interconnection and Parallel Operation of Distributed Generation

Policy 527NM Net Metering and Cooperative Purchase of Excess Member Owned Generation Capacity