How to Report an Outage

In case of outages:  Call 1-800-576-3125  anytime – day or night!

WIEC has  two linemen on call at all times in case there is an outage. It is our goal to keep outage time at a minimum. Print this page out and place by your phone so it will be there when you need call in an outage.  Please do not send an e-mail or post on Facebook.  These are not intended for this purpose. 

If you need to pay a bill or report an outage after normal business hours, it would be helpful to have your WIEC bill nearby. It has information on it that will help CRC, our after-hours answering service, find you in the system.

  • Name on the account
    • This is particularly important if it is under someone else’s name, like a landlord, family member or business.
  • Service Address of the Account
    • This appears on the top line of your bill. It may be the actual address of the account or something else, such as Bins or Cattle Barn.
  • The Phone number on the Account
    • This also appears on your bill on the lower return portion of your bill
    • If it is blank, CRC will be happy to add your phone number when you talk to them.